This temple is situated in a place called Makreri (short form of Markkadasseri) near Tellicherry in the district of Cannanore in Kerala. Even though this place is in a remote location from the main town, the temple has been determined by experts to be thousands of years old. The temple consists of two structures, where the same deities are installed. The main deity here is the Valli Parinaya Subramaniyan (Marriage of Subramaniyan and Valli).

This deity was installed by the Supreme among the Markkadas (monkey), Hanuman and hence this place is called Markkadasseri and later known as Makreri. It is still believed that Hanuman does all the Pujas and there is a vigraham (idol) of Hanuman in the main Thanthri’s (pujari’s) position. The temple thanthri (pujari) is considered as a helper to the main thanthri and he, after asking the permission of Hanuman, does all the pujas.



This is Kali Yugam, the age of all sins and pains, the time of all miseries and vices, the last yugam of this cycle of the prapancham. An age where doing sin becomes a natural way of life, where untruth prevails over the masses, where dhanam (money) becomes the sole cause and aim of living. The doors to heaven are being shut to most of us and the sufferings of life increases.

Then we look towards a savior, someone who can relieve us of the miseries and the pain, someone who removes our unhappiness and gives moksham to our sins.

The only God who still lives on this Mother Earth…Hanuman!


Very few people know the story behind this temple, even though it is clearly documented in The Ramayana.

During the exile period of Sri Ramachandra, Sri Lakshmana and Sita Devi, it so happened that they had to stay in a place inside the forest called Perallasseri. During this stay, it so happened that Hanuman also had the blessing to stay with this divine group in this place for sometime. The tribal people who were in this forest, upon knowing the divine power of this group started to provide all the help needed for them. They began to pray to this group for their blessings. Seeing this Hanuman wanted to create a temple in this location for the people to pray to Sri Ramachandra and Sita Devi for blessings and removing this pain. On hearing Hanuman’s request, Sri Rama told Hanuman that they are in exile and of the Human form and hence creating an idol of them is not correct according to the Shasthras.

Sri Rama suggested an alternative, saying that if Hanuman could find an equivalent vigraham (idol), Sri Rama would do the prathishta in the same location. Hanuman thought about this for some time and found that the only idol that will be equivalent to Sri Rama and Sita Devi together will be the Valli Parinaya Subramaniyan. Through his njana drishti (6th sense), Hanuman found that he could find this vigraham from Sarayu River in Northern part of Bharatha (India).

Sri Hanuman told Sri Rama about his idea for which, Sri Rama immediately agreed with a pleasant smile telling the right moment for the ceremony. After saying adieu to all, Sri Hanuman immediately started to get the vigraham from Sarayu River before the fixed time. However, since Hanuman was unaware of his unlimited strength and power, he took more time to find the vigraham.

As the decided time approached, Sri Rama, not seeing Hanuman, decided to do the prathishta with his Peruvala (large bangle). That is why this place came to be known as Peruvalasseri and later Perallasseri. Immediately after the prathishta ceremony was over, Hanuman returned with the idol and seeing the ceremony got over, he became very sad. Seeing the tears and parama bhakhi of Hanuman, Sri Rama asked him to install the vigraham one foot West of the current prathishta. Moreover Sri Rama told everyone that to get his blessings, anyone who prays at Perallasseri needs to pray at Makreri too else the prayers go unanswered.

Hearing this Hanuman became very happy and immediately installed the idol one foot West. However for doing the prathishta ceremony as well as for the pujas, he couldn’t find punya theertham (holy water) and hence he used his powerful tail to smash on the ground to create a chira (a small pond containing punya theertham).

Since the main thanthri is Hanuman who himself is a punya athma, the prathishta got uncontrollable power. In order to control this power as well as to give daily darshan to parama bhakta hanuman, Sri Rama took His original form of Maha Vishnu sand installed himself on the three sides of the temple.